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The encapturing studios formula.

It took a lot of trial & error... but we've finally cracked the code to REAL RESULTS.

a message.


dope visuals.



iorad x enc

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a message.

What you're saying matters.

Our top priority is showcasing your purpose in the simplest, most effective way possible – with a clear message at the root of everything. Digestible content stays undefeated.

March For Our Lives x enc

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dope visuals.

Icy footage sets you apart. 

Getting beautiful shots is a really important part of the job... but don't worry, that's our specialty. With our $$$ gear, we guarantee maximum production value for your project.

The City of Boston x enc

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no bs.

f*ck it, mask off.

enc's all about REAL. There's no need for exaggeration or complicated filler words. You've got everything we need to make your project a success... YOUR STORY. 

ajanpatel x enc

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